Party On The Right and The Republican Party Animals are all about … well, the parties. We’ve staged several conservative filled events over the last several years and they keep growing.

Party On The Right @ Oregon Tea Party Celebration – April 2012

Party On The Right sponsored the OTP Tax Day Tea Party Celebration in Clackamas Oregon on April 14th 2012.

The fundraiser for Oregon Tea Party PAC was a huge success, with over 500 attendees, musician Brian Futch and headliner Editor-in-Chief Larry O’Connor. 

We supplied the beer at our Party On The Right table – excellent local microbrew – and provided one of the highlights of the evening with a retrospective video of the Tea Party Movement that ended with a tribute to Andrew Breitbart, including many photos from our group from all over the country.

See more from the OTP Tax Day Tea Party Celebration including the Breitbart Tribute video. 

LA / Orange County Happy Hour

Orange County toasted Andrew Breitbart for our first POTR meeting at a local restaurant. Dana Rohrbacher and his wife Rhonda spent close to two hours with us and met some of their néw constituents. Dana’s congressional district was changed so he was able to meet people that he would represent if reelected. We also had an OC GOP Central Committee man show, Mike Munzing, who is also running for City Council of Aliso Viejo.

Reception For Congressman Thad McCotter – September 2011

In September 2011, we hosted a private reception for Congressman Thad McCotter. The congressman gave the crowd of 200 a treat by jamming with several leading conservative rockers.

Hollywood Party at FiveOFour Club – August 2011

In the summer of 2011 we raised the bar in L.A. by drawing over 500 conservatives to a huge bash on Hollywood Blvd. at the brand new FiveoFour club on the Walk of Fame.

 The capacity crowd was treated to live music by  G3: The Gary Graham Garage Band (led by Star Trek actor Gary Graham), and Eric Porvaznik’s Glorious Disaster. Speakers included Stephen Kruiser, AlfonZo Rachel, Sonja Schmidt and Party On The Right Chairman Scott Edwards. 

As Larry Elder said on his talk show the next day, “It was massive…standing room only!” 

See more from the Hollywood Party at FiveOFour

Older Events:

  • Our first event was held in Las Vegas in June 2009. We got off to a great start with attendees like Big Hollywood writer John Romano and singer Julia Garlington.
  • A few months later, we took the party to the east coast, throwing an event two days before the 9/12 rally in D.C. Over one hundred members gathered for drinking, smoking and cussing at the historic Bullfeather’s bar on Capital Hill. 
  • Next we moved the party to the belly of the liberal beast – drawing over 300 people to an all night party at Gallery 18 in downtown L.A.  featuring live music, comedy and a wild floor show featuring female trapeze artists and fire dancers. 
  • In 2010, we started off the year by making our presence known once again in DC, this time at CPAC. We held nightly Happy Hours at a conveniently located bar that was always at full capacity.