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Gavin McInnes: How To Piss In Public

Review by Rob North – 4 Shot Rating

Gavin McInnes is not for everyone. If you think Tucker Max is a lightweight pussy, then Gavin McInnes just might be for you. In his new memoir, How To Piss In Public, the Vice Magazine Co-Founder and self-described “Godfather of Hipsters” holds nothing back. I mean absolutely, positively nothing. If only every other lame hipster on the planet were more like their “godfather”, this world would be a much better place.

You might recognize Gavin from his regular appearances on “Red Eye w/ Greg Gutfeld”, but you don’t really know him. In this brutally honest memoir, Gavin takes through his life in a series of outrageous, humorous and sometimes touching stories that range from the heroic (expertly orchestrating  a surprise threesome) to the incredibly embarrassing (getting his ass kicked in public by a gay photographer). His tone does not waver one bit or make distinctions – as he seems equally proud of all of these exploits. 

The stories go back to a young Gavin growing up in the middle of nowhere in the State of Canada – loosing his virginity, getting into fights with local skinheads and starting his first Punk band (Anal Chinook anyone?). He covers the early founding of Vice and his eventual departure in a haphazard way, constantly drifting back into stories of debauchery and self abuse in a way that reminds you of being cornered at a party by someone who is both absolutely hilarious and completely coked up. 

And that really is the surprising charm of this book. Gavin goes so far beyond offensive in his honesty that it somehow comes off as being politically correct. He’s talking to the readers like they are his best buds and co-conspirators in his adventures. You start reading it for the outrageous stories – but along the way you end up getting to know one of the funniest and unique writers on the Internet today. 

So in the spirit of this memoir, I am announcing publicly that I have a mancrush on Gavin McInnes and am not afraid who knows it. Read this book and you will have one too. 

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